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5 Reasons why you should Travel Solo.Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

5 Reasons why you should Travel Solo.

Author :Sushant Handuja


There is a saying that goes like : a Traveler should be happy, not perfect. Many famous traveler’s have theorized that if you want to know who you are then you must travel alone once in your lifetime.
It’s not essential that solo travel have to be scary or dangerous but rather it should be a journey which makes you a good story teller when you return home.
After wandering alone for certain years I realized that there are certain reasons why one should travel alone.
1. Effortless planning
If you go on a solo trip then you are your own boss.You don’t have to convince other’s for your odyssey as you need to do in group trip’s.You don’t have to wait on other people’s schedule and can plan your journey accordingly.It is a time just for you alone.
2. A person’s true self is revealed
When you travel alone in a new country it will force you to leave the comfort zone,which would not surely happen when you travel with someone.You will have to deal with any problem coming up along the way alone.In the end it will not only boost your morale but will also improve your problem solving skills.
3. Meet new people
While traveling with friends or with your partner, you will certainly have a lot of fun. But when traveling alone, you will make many wonderful acquaintances.
In groups, people tend to get to know only a few foreign people and approach them. And even if that happens, the conversations and dynamics with new people will be much more intense when you travel alone. Because you will approach others more zealously, openly and communicatively.
4. The chances of a romance increase
If you travel alone, you are much more likely to seek social contact and befriend local people. Of course, if you are single, it can also be a good chance for a great romance.
5. Your self-confidence grows.
If you travel alone, you do not have to pretend to please anyone. Be yourself and be open to new ideas, so you can outgrow yourself and dare to do much more in the future. You may even want to travel alone more often…